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True Talents

Andover and Oak is a woman owned family based small business.  The products we sell are exclusively made by the team at Andover and Oak. I am so proud of my family for contributing so much time and effort to make this endeavor successful.


Owner and Artisan Soap Maker and Chandler

Founder of Andover and Oak. This business has been my passion and obsession for the last 3 years. What started out as a dream grew into a viable business. I love learning new techniques and perfecting what I know. I am so excited for 2020 and to introduce new product lines , like 100% Pure Soy Candles to make Andover and Oak the best it can be.


Creative Design Manager

As a creative partner, Alexandra continues to inspire me to create new and existing products. Always eager to learn and help in any way, Ally has proved to be an extremely valuable asset to Andover and Oak.


Marketing Manager

Always quick to offer up an idea of how we can grow the business, Zack is an integral member of the team.


Quality Assurance Manager

We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful Quality Assurance Manager as part of our staff. Charles tests every batch to ensure our high standards are met.


Head of Security

Bo is a wonderful member of the team. He alerts me if we have a visitor or if the mail has arrived. He also offers lots of cuddles and kisses at the end of a long day.
Sadly Bo passed away unexpectedly in January 2019. He will forever be in our hearts.


Photographer and Bath Bomb Creator

Olivia brings a delightful personality and professional experience everyday. We are lucky to have her as a part of Andover and Oak.


Product Development

As the newest member of the Andover and Oak team Sarah has proven herself to be an invaluable asset.


Security Guard (in training)

After the loss of Bo, we were so grateful that we were able to rescue Bandit. He has instantly become part of the Andover and Oak family. He is a one of a kind!

Andover and Oak, LLC

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