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Introducing our 100% Pure Soy Candle, carefully crafted with love and infused with the enchanting fragrance of Sugared Cashmere. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and tranquility as this exquisite candle fills your space with an irresistible aroma, capturing the essence of pure indulgence.

At the top, delicate notes of White Jasmine, Pink Peppercorn, and Orange Mandarin dance elegantly, while the sweetness of Acacia Honey and White Peach Nectar entwines with the captivating scent of Poppy. This harmonious combination instantly uplifts the ambiance, creating a feeling of joy and bliss.

As the candle burns, the heart notes come alive, unveiling a bouquet of Tea Rose Petals, Gardenia Blossoms, and Sugared Violas. These enchanting florals are gracefully blended with the comforting embrace of Soft Cotton and the warm glow of Golden Amber. The subtle touch of Rose Water and White Clover adds a touch of freshness and grace, creating a truly captivating and harmonious symphony.

As the candle reaches its base, the intoxicating essence of Cashmere Musk and Sun-kissed Suede emerge, leaving a lingering trail of sophistication and sensuality. A hint of Spun Sugar weaves its way into the scent, adding a touch of playfulness and delight. The allure of Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Sweet Musk completes this harmonious fragrance, leaving you in a state of pure tranquility and contentment.

Hand-poured with the finest 100% pure soy wax, our candle offers a clean and long-lasting burn time of up to 55 hours. Each natural cotton wick ensures a steady flame and an even diffusion of the captivating Sugared Cashmere fragrance throughout your space.

Transform your home into a haven of serenity with our 100% Pure Soy Candle scented with Sugared Cashmere. Perfect for creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for any occasion, this candle will add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your everyday life. Unwind, indulge, and elevate your senses with this remarkable fragrance. Order now and experience pure bliss.

Sugared Cashmere 100% Pure Soy Candle

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